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                  pursue The Perfection

                  Sanxing Chemicals/pursue The Perfection

                  Company size

                  Founded in 1989, the predecessor Linqu Samsung Chemical Co., Ltd., is now an annual capacity of 60,000 tons


                  One of the major manufacturers CPE, with over 20 years of production experience in China

                  Equipment and instruments

                  Companies using the latest automated, environmentally friendly chloride production equipment, quality inspection department with a full CPE index testing equipment

                  Import and export rights

                  Import and export rights. CPE exports to the United States, Colombia, Brazil, France and Portugal, Spain, Italy and the United Arab Emirates more than 20 countries


                  Extensive use of the introduction of high-tech professional and technical personnel, the formation of the company research team, improving product competitiveness

                  product dispaly

                  Sanxing Chemicals/product dispaly

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                  Special Almighty do chlorinated
                  polyethylene core pilot enterprises

                  Companies with high-quality products, good service, good reputation and moderate price,
                  our customers get the recognition, has for ten years been Sinochem designated as "CPE products supplier

                  Product application

                  Sanxing Chemicals/Product application

                  ABOUT US

                  Rizhao City Samsung Chemical Co., Ltd.

                  Rizhao City Samsung Chemical Co., Ltd. predecessor is Linqu Samsung Chemical Co., founded in 1989, is with more than 20 years of experience in the production of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) professional manufacturers, with an annual capacity 60,000 tons, with import and export rights products are sold to the United States, Russia, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, South Africa... [more]


                  honor honor

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